Horses and Ponies

How do you tell a horse from a pony?  A pony isn’t a baby horse.  It is a little horse.  Ponies can get up to 10 to 15 hands. A baby boy horse is a colt. A baby girl horse is a filly.  I want a filly.  A dotted black and white Appaloosa.  She is my dream horse.  I would name her Apple.  An Appaloosa is a horse, not a pony.  Some more breeds of horses are Clevelandbay, Fjord, Holsteiner, Rhinelander, Gotland,Haflinger, Pottock, Landais,Dales,and Icelandic horse.  Although the Icelandic horse sounds like a horse, it is a pony.  Any horse or pony breeds will be in a different color than regular words.


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  1. Here are ten names of different horse breeds.

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