Horse Lovers

Hi, everyone.  I am going to write about animals today.I   know I have written a lot about horses They are my favorite animalsWho can tell me their favorite animal?  I bet some people can tell I’m a softie for animals. I just don’t like snakes or spidersI like horses, cats, dogs, and almost every single animal.  I have my own little cat.  I got him when he was a kitten.  His name is Buttercup.  I tell people there are peanut buttercups, and they have sugar, and sugar is sweet, and so is my boy.  I love Buttercup. I could just yell out loud to the whole world of how great he is. BUTTERCUP IS BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


About horsesandponiesarefun

I lovehorses
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