My Favorite Places

I have a few favorite places in the world.  You can read them to yourself and go there with friends or family.  Most of them you have to pay money, but some are free.  You can go do what I like to do.

  1. Disney World –  You can go have fun with Disney characters and ride rollercoasters.
  2. Parks– You can have a picnic or put on a play with friends.
  3. Stone Mountain– You can see a laser show or hike up Stone Mountain.
  4. Friends House- Get a change of scenery, play with friends and get socialized.
  5. R-Ranch– Ride some horses otherwise the playroom in the Lodge will get you.
  6. Amusement Parks– Get your kids on something cool, they might get over being scared.
  7. Busch Gardens– Learn about animals go, on little rides, or ride giant rollercoasters.
  8. Restaurants- Go out for a fancy dinner with your family.
  9. Family Night- Have a dance party, watch a movie, just be with family.
  10. Theater- Watch a new G-rated movie with friends.

You can do lots of stuff with your friends and family.  If there is more stuff you can tell me to do.  Just put it in comments.


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