Horse Lovers

Hi, everyone.  I am going to write about animals today.I   know I have written a lot about horses They are my favorite animalsWho can tell me their favorite animal?  I bet some people can tell I’m a softie for animals. I just don’t like snakes or spidersI like horses, cats, dogs, and almost every single animal.  I have my own little cat.  I got him when he was a kitten.  His name is Buttercup.  I tell people there are peanut buttercups, and they have sugar, and sugar is sweet, and so is my boy.  I love Buttercup. I could just yell out loud to the whole world of how great he is. BUTTERCUP IS BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My Favorite Places

I have a few favorite places in the world.  You can read them to yourself and go there with friends or family.  Most of them you have to pay money, but some are free.  You can go do what I like to do. Continue reading

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My Favorite Things

This blog I write is about my favorite things to do or have. I really like Disney world, Build-a-bear, Horses, Ponies and other things. I really like riding Horses at the R-Ranch. The more blogs I write the more things you know I like. You could try what I like. They are good things if you have money. Some of the things I like don’t need money like painting, coloring, art. I really like art because you can be creative and make any thing you want.

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Go to Disney world. If you don’t have park passes, play at the campground or hotel. Bring toys, go to the playground, or to the swimming pool. Park passes are passes to get in the parks, but you have to pay.





Those pictures are from last year. I like Tinkerbell. She has the green leaf dress. I also like her sister Periwinkle. She has the blue leaf dress. My whole family is in the picture. Everybody except my mom is there. She helped take the pictures.

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Horses and Ponies

How do you tell a horse from a pony?  A pony isn’t a baby horse.  It is a little horse.  Ponies can get up to 10 to 15 hands. A baby boy horse is a colt. A baby girl horse is a filly.  I want a filly.  A dotted black and white Appaloosa.  She is my dream horse.  I would name her Apple.  An Appaloosa is a horse, not a pony.  Some more breeds of horses are Clevelandbay, Fjord, Holsteiner, Rhinelander, Gotland,Haflinger, Pottock, Landais,Dales,and Icelandic horse.  Although the Icelandic horse sounds like a horse, it is a pony.  Any horse or pony breeds will be in a different color than regular words. Continue reading

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